Windows 7 stopped sharing with no password / blank password

Feb 9, 2012
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This computer was set up about a year ago with sharing enabled. It worked perfectly the entire time.

Then a few weeks ago, it started prompting for a password. I've been racking my brain out since. Unfortunately, I let too much time pass before realizing I could roll back using System Restore so now I'm screwed. My best guess is that a security update caused this problem. I unstalled all the security updates in Jan (except the .NET 4 updates which I figured aren't the cause).

Here's my setup:
Windows 7 Home Premium on 5 computers
No HomeGroup
No passwords for any computer on the network
Sharing for each computer works fine except on this desktop. The desktop can access everything else but no one can access it
Printers are shared by the desktop and are no longer accessible
Network Sharing Center: Password protected sharing: Off (Tried On also)
Let Windows/Homegroup manage: On (Tried Off also)
Firewall completely disabled on desktop

The following registry settings have also be changed to no effect (in HKLM/Control/CurrentControlSet/Lsa)
forceguest: 0
LimitBlankPasswordUse: 0
LmCompatibilityLevel: 1
everyoneincludesanonymous: 1
restrictanonymous: 0
restrictanonymoussam: 0

Passwords are not required to login

Why is this not working? This is starting to royally irritate me.

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