Windows 7 Update has stopped working

Jun 26, 2017
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I am having trouble installing an application (Audials One 64bit) and after repeated e-mail back and forth to Audials Support they have listed a set of instructions, one of wnich is to install all Windows Updates.

I have 2 PCs involved in this problem one a desktop , one a laptop (both with different INTEL I7 processors), both running Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.

I began running Windows update on both of them and it updated 3 or 4 important updates each. then with 3 or 4 more important updates and 20 to 30 optional updates each, Windows update refused to work.

On both machines, Windows Update finds the updates appropriate, to each machine (for example 3 important updates). But, when it is time to download and install the selected updates, no license form appears (for the user to agree to) the percent downloaded and updates left to download counters remain at 0. Suddenly a counter will indicate 11 % , or so downloaded, shortly thereafter it will say installing update 2of 2 (not 1 of 3, as one would expect) the bar graph will move to about 90% done, stall there and, eventually run a System Restore then issue an "unknon error" code 80073712 and say "3 updates failed to install".

I have followed several recommended procedures to clear the problem. None work. Finally it was recommended to chose a system Restore to fix the problem, however, after several attempts to fix and rerun Windows updates all the Restore points have been replaced with the recently created Restore points, and, needless to say this doesn't work.

Then it was suggested to either re-install Windows 7 or re-image the PC with a previously created disk image. I had an image I made 5 months ago, long before the problem occured, I re-imaged with it. I ran Windoes update and 3 of 6 important updates restored (a security update, a Windows Defender update, and a Malicious software scanner update installed). From that point on all other Windows Update attempts followed the patteren described above.

So, I uninstalled these 3 updates, tried Windows Update again, no joy.
If anyone can help me please do.

I have a dual boot installation of Windows 10 on my desktop. I'm about to try installing Audials on that (although I hate Windows 10 and only have it because it was free when I installed it).

As Windows 10 doesn't allow the user to not use windows update, I have to assume, if I open it, stay there for a day or so, it should've applied all Windows Updates. Then I should be able to attempt the Audials One install having fulfilled their instructions. Perhaps, it will work, perhaps not. but I'll have followed Audial's installation instructions. Even though I'll have to use it only in Windows 10 (which I don't like).

Folks, any solution anyone can offer, please do. I'll be glad to hear. However, being an old fashened "box" type desktop fan, I have already purchased the Apple OS 10 installation disk and, having built a desktop PC in my younger days, I think, for me, it's "Hackintosh here I come". However, with the $800.00 to $1000.00 dollar price tag for parts, and being retired (on a fixed income) it's going to take a while for my fond farewell to "The Evil Empire". So again,

any help will be greatly appreciated.


Tom Ackley

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