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Nov 13, 2009
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My notebook drive, although I got it running (don't know how a knocking HDD can heal itself), certain counts are getting way out of line. The Reallocation Event Count, in particular. Since it somehow "healed" itself to fire up & run, that count is growing sometimes by the hour. It was at 203 after the reinstall on Thursday (which by chance took over 2 hours for the formatting alone), now it's at 229.

The Current Pending Sector is growing too, although at a smaller pace.

The only info that I can find is this, it comes as a link from the free Acronis Drive Monitor, which I use to watch my drive temps, etc. But it's not reporting clear (as to how long I have). Mabye it can't. One notable statistic, prior to the drive "knocking" or whatever, it's overall health was 98%. Once I reinstalled the OEM OS back to the notebook, and reinstalled ADM, the health is reported at 36%, well below it's recommendation of 70, but that number hasn't decreased any further as of yet.

Also, the MemTest 86 won't complete on this machine, after only 15 minutes into testing, after a few errors, it reports that the CPU has locked down. It also does this when I attempt to run the Dell 32 bit Diagnostic Utility (regardless of whether I run this from a bootable CD, or through the BIOS selection.

This is strange to me, as I've folded one WU, and have started on another, and the CPU hasn't "frozen" at all.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Plus, I have another thread, "in need of a new notebook soon", where I need a little advice, I won't repost those questions here, as I don't want to distract away from this issue.

EDIT: Using the Mini Tool Partition Wizard Home Edition, there's an option there to do a surface test on the HDD. 37 blocks have read errors.

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