Questions on installing an SSD drive

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by fdm2000, Sep 29, 2018.

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    May 18, 2013
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    My Dell XPS 8700 running Win 7 Pro is now 5 years old and although HDD health tests report no issues I am concerned about its age and thinking about installing an internal SSD 250GB drive to replace the conventional HDD. I have been looking a the Samsung 850 EVO but several questions arise:
    1. my hard drive bays are 3.5 inches and the 850 EVO only comes in 2.5 inch mode. Are there frames to accommodate the bay size difference?

    2. My understanding is that one must obtain a special USB 3.0 cable that will allow transfer (cloning) of the onboard HDD contents to the SSD drive. Anyone have recommendations on these cables?

    3. I have read that there are problems with Win 7 and the SSD drive install and operation. Has any member experience with the install and use?

    4. I have also read that some people keep the old HDD and use it strictly for data storage, photos, etc and use the SSD for the operating system, etc. Would that be workable or recommended?

    Any insights and guidance would be appreciated - my computer knowledge level is between beginner and intermediate at age 86.

    TIA, Frank
    fdm2000, Sep 29, 2018
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