A question for Win10 dualbooters

Nov 27, 2013
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Currently, I have Windows on my hard drive and Linux Mint on a USB flash. Normal booting goes straight to Windows with no BIOS popup, because I have grub saved on the USB drive.

To load Linux: with Win7 on the HD, on my HP, I hold ESC down until the boot menu pops up, choose the USB, then choose Linux on the grub popup. To reload Win7, all I have to is reboot and it goes straight there.

With Win10 on the HD, I can boot Linux as described. But when I reboot, the Win10 splash comes up but the loading twirly never appears, so Win10 never boots. The only way to get it back is to restore a backup I keep handy.

That alone is enough to keep me from switching to 10 permanently, unless one of you knows a trick. And by the way, it's a ten year old HP with BIOS and no UEFI.

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