Windows media centre question.



Peter said:
I typed in ""media center" "6.1.7600.16385"" and
it gave pages of results that will take time to
digest. Still, it seems OK now

I can find several identifiers in this article.

The "MediaCenter 6.1.7017.0" string, looks to me to be more specific
to the media center software, rather than the user agent "6.1.7600.16385".
That latter identifier, looks more like an OS identifier.

Maybe what we're arguing over here, is whether Media Center *is* the
OS, or is considered to be "just an application". And I don't know the
answer to that. I mean, on Windows 8, it's treated like a "Feature", and
the installation is similar to an Anytime Upgrade (with a license key).
Which almost suggests Media Center capability is like a version of OS.
So kinda blurry, in terms of definitions.



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