Windows 7 success story


Stan Brown

At work today I somehow lost access to all my network drives in a
reboot. In Windows XP, diagnosing and fixing that would have been a
hassle. In Windows 7, I clicked Network and Sharing Center and then
Troubleshooter, and sat back and watched while it fixed itself in
about two minutes.




had a problem with an XP/Win7 network and mapped drive fom a W7
machine. to XP

System was 3 W7 and 2 XP.

1 W7 was being used as master database for a program, all other
computers had this database directory mapped as a drive on their

At random intervals one XP lost the mapped drive, even whilst it
was in use !, some times days would go by and all well, then a
failure, fix was reboot the W7 and XP.

However a bit of Googling showed that this is not an uncommon
problem, seems to be tied in to W7, the fix is in 2 locations in
the W7 registry.

Here is the posting about it which has so far fixed the problem,
as I have not had any more lost drive on the XP machine for 2+
weeks since I changed the registry on the W7 database computer..

I think i finally found the solution after 2 weeks of googling.
Apparently the difference between a windows server and a standard
windows operating system is the resource allocation. When running
a standard xp, or 7 computer for file sharing, the following
changes need to me made to the registry.

02. Then locate the first key:
HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory

03. By default this value is probably set to "0" and needs to be
changed to "1"
04. Then locate the following key:

05. By default this value is probably also "0" and needs to be
changed to "3"
I'd feel more comfortable doing this if I had an idea what it actually
did and if it would affect other operations.

I have a wireless computer in the house that I leave on for days at a
time, although I allow it to go to sleep. Seems that it will sometimes
lose connection to other Windows computers in the house after going
thorough several sleep cycles. It still has internet connectivity, it's
just the Microsoft networking part that fails. The Network Repair
option doesn't help, but a reboot fixes things. I may try your above
fix and see if it helps. From the names of the keys involved, I suspect
that it may delay the problem enough that it effectively cures it.

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