Win7 Re-install from USB Drive Help

Feb 13, 2013
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Found some guides online on how to clean install Win7 without the CD.

Recently sold the laptop and trying to factory restore it before sending. So I downloaded the Win7 64 bit ISO, and the program Win7 USB DVD Download Tool (which was highly recommended) to transfer the ISO onto the USB.

After I download the file, I open up the program (USB DVD Download Tool) and it asks me for the ISO, I put in the source file and I get a prompted message "The selected file is not a valud ISO file."

Slightly confused as it is clearly marked with ".ISO" at the end of the information.

I need help quickly :confused:


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May 10, 2010
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Maybe the file is corrupted. Did you try downloading it again?

BTW, that won't be a factory restore because from the factory you get all kinds of trialware and a few useful pieces of software (like to make the touchpad work), also all the drivers (W7 will give you most but probably not all drivers for that particular laptop) ... a fresh install from the W7 ISO won't give you that. Still for the most-part it is better than factory because the registry isn't filled with that trialware crap, but after the install you should go to the manufacturers site and download any missing drivers, touchpad software, etc.
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