SOLVED New Install W/format of Win7

Feb 2, 2012
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Can I repair an installation of Win7 without dumping anything like the programs I have reinstalled, MS Office, AVG etc. I had trouble getting my mouse to work after installation along with a few other things like no sound which I got fixed by ?..

Now in the tray in the customize box I click on the speaker Icon and up pops a box that says "you are seeing a blank page because there are no audio devices plugged in the system. To activate GUI, please plug an audio device in the system." If I click on that ICON up pops an ASUS Menu box with all kinds of options to change speakers, sound etc, click on test & it goes from one speaker to the other with a test audio that I can hear loud & clear?

In Device Manager I see this with a warning triangle in front of each with an exclamation mark in each. Will reload fix that or is it needed since the speakers are working?

Device manager
Other Devices:
! Multimedia Audio Controller
! Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller

Doesn't want to start up after going to sleep by clicking the mouse (used to) hitting the enter key a few times will finally get it to open.

Again I don't want to loose my installed programs where I have to reload unless that is the only way to do what I want. I have other problems with the installation & what it did to my backup files on my Backup drive, they are now XKL docs so I cant see inside the folders, also one program in my 2nd backup drive is now corrupted I guess, cant open it in Excel "cannot access PTTT@ Results2018.XLSM

This is the only Excel file in that folder that changed to this format, how I have no idea as I was in it the day before with no problem and I u unplugged both my backup HD's while I loaded Win7.

So I think I need to insert the disc & repair the installation. What say you folks.


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May 10, 2010
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Yes you can do a reinstall overtop your existing Win7 but all of your issues seem to be with drivers: sound driver & mouse driver & USB serial bus driver so it likely will not help. A better option is to go to ASUS and get the proper W7-64bit drivers for your MOBO & install them.

Start with the USB Serial bus as that may be preventing the computer from seeing other devices.

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