Are there legacy boot options on all pre-installed Win7 computers?

Jul 11, 2018
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It looks like most affordable modern pre-installed Windows computers won't allow legacy boot options, but the second-hand Win7 Professional laptop I just bought will. I gather Microsoft at some point made the inclusion of UEFI mandatory on new pre-installed machines, effectively locking legacy boot media out because it's not UEFI compliant.

Often the dealers don't know if a 'puter can boot on an old-school recovery disc. So what are the chances for a random win7 machine? Is it limited to Win7 Professional?

I use Ghost for backup images, and it's not a UEFI-compliant disc. I prefer it to Win7's own image because it allows me to back up just the Win7 system partition - this machine has 2 others for Hewlett-Packard's factory reset image and rescue tools which the Win7 image won't exclude. Win7's own images work great otherwise, so that would do on Win 7 Home Edition in case it wouldn't let Ghost boot, but does Home Edition do its own system images like Professional does?

I know a few folks whose Win10 laptops are unstable or unusable, so cheap second-hand Win7 machines might be a good substitute for serious work, at least till the support ends.

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