Fresh Install Win7 Ultimate 64bit problem

May 20, 2017
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hi guys,,i new here in this forum, and if i doing wrong please tell me, i come here to ask for your help,alright straight to the point, i install new windows win 7 ultimate 64bit on my pc,as you know we need to format partition C 1st before we install the os,and thats what i do,after finish the pc run smoothly without any error,but after 5 days maybe 6 of usage the new windows i got error like this "firefox.exe is not a win32 application" most of the app i install in the pc that running smoothly before suddenly got this error,so i try install setup installer again,and it works but not for long,maybe in 30 minutes like that when i try open the app again that win32 application error come again..i like freaking crazy with this error trying to solve this i decided to install new windows again and same thing happen after 5 days usage of the windows,what could be the problem? i really need your help.. T_T
i will post the pc spec tomorrow because right now im using pc at my home...and the problem pc at my shop..:D



^ The World's First ^
May 10, 2010
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If programs work fine for a while and then randomly do not work the first thing I would do is scan your HD for problems, if it finds a significant amount of bad sectors then you should consider replacing the HD.

Open Windows Explorer & right-click on the C Drive. choose properties and check the drive for errors.

If the HD is fine then I would scan the computer for malware but that is far less likely the issue.

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