Win7 and Norton 2010 Anti Virus


Al Smith

KCB said:
I have to add my 2 cents to this thread. I haven't used any Norton
product for years because of the slowdowns I had seen on so many
computers, at work and at home. Recently, I built a Windows 7 computer
using an Asus P6X58D Premium motherboard. This MB came with a trial
version of Norton Internet Security. I normally would not install
anything Norton because of past experience, but decided to give this a
try since it had been so long since I had used it. I have to tell you
that this is one of the quickest, low-memory-using AV products that I
have ever seen. Right now it is using 2,504 KB (according to Task
Manager, system is idle other than this window and a browser window,
with Steam in the background). My boot time is not slowed down by it,
and it doesn't throw itself in my face with stupid update windows or
"Please stand by..." popup.
On the other hand, my XP machine has Avast! free home version installed,
which is utilizing over 120,000 KB, sitting at the desktop. Avast
constantly throws the update popup on screen while it announces that it
has been updated. The update even intrudes into full screen game
windows. I know it can be put in silent mode, but that does not help
with the slower boot times that it causes. On top of this, I know 3
people who have been infected by the "Your machine is infected and
cannot run any programs until you buy this AV product" with Avast
installed and updated.
I am seriously considering buying this Norton product. It is version of Norton Internet Security. It includes anti-virus,
anti-spyware, firewall, anti-phishing, and identity protection, and I am
impressed with it. If you knew me and knew how I have talked about
Norton products to my friends and family, you would be shocked.

You work for Symantec, right?





johnbee said:
Except of course that if you actually get a nasty virus on the machine and
your freebies fail to get rid of it, having Norton on your PC means that
you will be able to get rid of it for certain by visiting the web site and
asking for a tool to remove it.

You don't need to own Norton to do that :)





No said:
Low resource overhead?
Not in my case.

I have several computers in my home network and one of the is a slightly
outdate, with 512MB RAM and it started crawling when I installed MSE.
I uninstalled it and everything works again.

But it has no problems with other computers that I am using it on, they
range from 4 GB RAM to 12GB.
I was recently cleaning up a netbook that was barely functional. I ran
a Malwarebytes scan and got some stuff off, then I removed the
anti-virus software and installed Microsoft Security Essentials and it
slowed to an incredible crawl. After checking it out I found that there
was another anti virus program installed. There had been two anti-virus
programs installed when I got the netbook.

I removed the second anti-virus program and left the MSE on it, and it
came back to life, and ran fine. I wanted MSE on the computer because I
wanted to use the MSE full scan on it.

MSE with one anti-virus was much slower than the original two anti virus
programs had been. No anti-virus programs play nicely with other
anti-virus programs, but that seems to be particularly true of MSE.

If the computer slowed that much when you put MSE on it, check to make
sure that there isn't a second anti-virus on it.

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