Which category of BT adapter to buy

Sep 14, 2020
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Hello. I just finished install of Intel Wireless Bluetooth driver(version (20.90.6) in my DELL Optiplex 380 w/ WIN 7 Ultimate 32 bit & INTEL G41 Express chipset. I would like to stream FM radio from same desktop to my non BT, JVC KABOOM boombox in the garage 35-70 feet away, depending how the waves travel; in a straight line (35') through walls and/or windows... or zig zag: 20' then 30' then 20' again turning 90 degrees twice. The boombox has an aux. (3.5 mm) analog input. I also use a BELKIN N600 DB (dual band) router, to stream video to my smart TV. It's currently using the 2.4 GHz setting. So, can I do what I want to do with a 'black box' device? The thing is...there's no jazz FM radio signal available here. I'm 80 miles from the nearest college jazz station. I listen to the station streaming in home, but I would like to listen in the garage. Care to chip in? I would be obliged. Thanks, Mar.

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