Weird Icon Problem (Probably a Simple Fix)

Jun 13, 2009
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Hi everyone, now I am not the most tech-oriented person but I know more than the average person to get around problems and such.

Anyways, I upgraded Vista to Win7 last night via a burned installation disk. Everything worked/has been working fine.

However when I started up my computer and logged in today I had some weird thing going on with my icons.

It seems all of my icons on my desktop related to non-windows programs have the W7 default manila folder on top of the icons.

Things I have tried:

-Right click-change icon, shows the icon without the folder, and when I tell it to change to default or change to that same icon again, it doesn't do anything, the folder stays on top.

-Control Panel/Personlization Reverted to default theme, default icons, (which it was already on), no dice.

-Tried creating a new shortcut for one of those programs off it's .exe and putting it on desktop. Same thing, folder on top of it.

So it's not a functional problem but it is quite annoying aesthetically.

Here is what it looks like:

I can only assume that this is a relatively simple fix, and it's obviously not an installation process based problem as the problem did not exist my first run on W7.

Would appreciate any help anyone can offer me. I found no luck through google, probably because this problem is a little hard to describe accurately.


OCing one chip at a time
May 11, 2009
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You can give this utility a try, it's a free trial and offers an icon restore feature:

While not the best option, another idea is if you create a new user profile all icons and such should work normally. The only problem is you'd need to move all of your stuff over and reinstall some programs for the new profile.
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