W7 Pro 64b SP1 new issues?

Apr 10, 2018
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Lenovo W510 laptop delivered with Win7 Pro 64b on a 500GB Hard Drive, updated to 1TB and now over a year ago cloned to 1TB SSD ... at that time the boot time and wake from sleep were notably faster ... boot time was less then 30 seconds wake from sleep/standby was almost immediate.

Issue 1 ... for some time now (3-4 months), the WIFI has started taking upwards of 2 minutes before it will even try to connect ... forcing the connection just fails until whatever internal issue has been resolved ... it is almost like the Wifi Hardware Driver is taking forever to restart/Wakeup ... I have both restored drivers from a few years ago and the latest driver with no change to connection speed (routers havn't changed at either of the 2 locations that I predominantly use)

Issue 2 ... Local Peer to Peer Shared Folder on an internal network ... have had a shortcut to this shared/mapped drive for years but recently it stopped working ... double clicking on the icon does nothing ... Right Click and open goes to the User Name Password dialog but after that an error message comes up stating the shortcut is no longer valid and asks to be deleted. I have attempted to regen the shortcut, reload from various backups going back as far as a couple years all to no avail.


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