HomeGroup Problem in Win 7 64bit Home Premium

Feb 25, 2015
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I have PC (Work) & Notebook (Wife), both Win 7 Home Premium 64bit, both were in Homegroup Network and Workgroup = WORKGROUP, PC was Work & Notebook was Home. When checking on another problem I noticed they were different, so I changed PC to Home, making them both the same. The Network was initially set up from PC. After this change from Work to Home PC is no longer networked and I can do nothing to get it Home Networked. If I try to Join the Network, I need the Password which I am not able to access. If I go to the Notebook, I can do nothing with this, cannot change Password, cannot leave the Homegroup. I have spent all day reading Posts, trying out provided info and nothing works. I would like to leave the Homegroup with both units but cannot do this either. There just does not seem to be an answer on line that will enable me to fix it. The Router is able to see all Computers and is working fine. This would be one of the worst nightmares I have ever encountered in years of working on PCs. Has anyone experienced a fix for this predicament.

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