Small Mistake in Windows 7 Installation - Recovering From?

Mar 17, 2012
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I made a small mistake, I think, in installing Windows 7. I don't think it's all that important but my goal was a "clean install" (i.e. no crap from old Vista system).

I went from Vista 32 bit, to Window 7, 64 bit. During the install, where I selected custom install, I was a bit afraid to select "format". I wasn't sure if it would (after the format) recognize my system as an "upgrade" vs. full install, and didn't have my original install DVDs. So, I just had it install, and the result was Windows 7 didn't delete any of my existing files, folders, etc.


1) Can just go in and delete EVERYTHING, with a creation date that is prior to my install date?

2) With the type of install I did 32 bit to 64 bit, was there anything in this new installation, that made or makes use of any of my previous installation?

3) Was an entirely different registry created? Or did it just add to the original Vista registration file? I'm hoping it just created a new one. I think it did, but want to be sure.

4) As long as I don't delete ANY files with a creation date, on or after the Windows 7 installation, is there anything to be careful of, by just deleting the old stuff. I DO have an image (and backup) of everything that was there.

5) Finally, my C drive had a partition for "recovery" of my original Vista installation. I kept that. I don't know if it will be useful though. I wonder if I would be able to use that to get back to my original system, if need be. I don't have any "recovery" discs that were created and from what I have read, that might be required.

Anyone know whether having ONLY the recovery partition can restore the original system? If I can't, I probably should just use that partition for something else.



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