How do I transfer w7 from a small ssd drive to a internal local drive and then to a bigger ssd?

Oct 20, 2015
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I have windows 7 installed on a 64gig ssd. I have a new 256gig ssd drive that I'd like to install it on. I do not have a an external hdd. I do not have my backup windows 7 dvd. Can I use the windows 7 backup and restore to my secondary local disk that is 1tb, and then boot from this disk, and then install windows on my new 256gig ssd drive? I have about 700gigs of random things on the 1tb drive and when I try to backup and restore I get a "A system image cannot be saved on a drive that your computer boots from or that windows is installed on." message. Windows is not installed on the 1tb drive though? Is there a way to clear this message without deleting the 700gigs of data? If i do all of this am I going to be able to boot from the 1tb and install windows on the 256gig ssd?

or should I suck it up and buy an external hdd.

Thanks all!

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