SOLVED Sleep Hibernate issue

Feb 2, 2012
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I have an issue which has just started recently. I went from Win7 to Win10 with a clean install including a format. Shortly after I decided to go back to Win7 doing a clean install with a format then loading Win7 then my programs. After i had installed Win10 I noticed my PC was going to sleep or to Hibernate after a while, when I would hit the enter key my fans started but no OSP, the light indicating my Screen power turned from amber to white but no picture or Win7. In order to get it going again I have to push in the small button on the front of my PC I think it is the HD reset button as I get a red flashing light directly above it a few seconds after I push it in as the PC boots up.

My HD is an OCZ SSD and after I installed it about 2yr's ago I noticed the HD does not go to sleep as my old one did even though I had set the power to sleep and I even tried Hibernate.

I called OCZ tech support & researched it & was told more than once that it will not go to sleep. So with what OCZ originally told me that was OK since it is an SSD, no big deal. When the screen would go to sleep & I came back I would just hit the space bar or enter key & it boot up.

So this was not an issue in the last few years that is until I recently went from Win7 to Win10 & this started, now that I have gone back to Win7 it still continues with Win7. I do not have it set for Hibernate, it is set for Sleep, with the Screen 20mins, Power 30mins. What has changed as it seems the screen goes off but the HD either goes to sleep or is Hibernating but does not come back up after hitting any key. I have to hit the HD button, even though I changed back to Win7 it still does it does the same thing it did with Win10.


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