Video resolution help! Graphics card/driver/sleep-hibernate

Jan 3, 2012
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After trying to add a theme and screwing with the registry only to restore it to before i started my computer has the following problems:

-Resolution will be bluish/yellow/gray (800x600)
-I must restart several times before "windows stops the driver" to make colors normal, but resolution still stays at 800x600
-The sleep and hibernate options are no longer clickable (gray instead of black)
-I can no longer change my resolution
-I called tech support for a free diagnosis and they said it was a software issue relating to the drivers
-I tried disabling the driver and reinstalling it: didnt change anything
-Also, VERY rarely, my computer will restart with its normal resolution, however even when that happens, it will still not let me change the resolution or sleep/hibernate

I know all of it has to do with the graphics cards driver but i dont know what to do
Thanks for taking the time to look
Feb 9, 2010
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Do you use onboard GPU or an add-on GPU such as Nvidia or AMD? If an add-on GPU, download the latest driver from the AMD or Nvidia and save it. Next uninstall current driver and usually there is a reboot needed. After the reboot go to where you saved downloaded driver and install it, again a reboot maybe needed. Same procedure for onboard GPU as well.

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