Running a batch file on shutdown win7 64 bit

Feb 25, 2010
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Having recently had one of my children lose the whole of their Sim2 setup I want to run a batch file when they shutdon to copy various settings to my main pc that gets backup every night. This needs to be idiot proof and not require my children to remember to do it. I currently run this batch on startup, but obviously this doesn't capture their current session changes. My teenager daughter is is getting laptop for school and I want to make sure her work is backed up when she finishes a session.

I found an old answer that suggested "Open the Group Policy snap-in (start - run - gpedit.msc). Under computer configuration - windows setting - scripts, right-click on shutdown, select properties, and add the name of the program you want to run. In general, a script is a batch file or javascript or vb script file, but I've seen windows allow .exe files in some cases as well." I tried inserting the path to my .bat file as instructed, but when I rebooted the pc just hung and wouldn't start up. Should this work under Windows 7 64 bit and if so what am I doing wrong?

I don't want to write a batch file that includes the shutdown command as no chance kids will remember to execute that instead of normal shutdown. I found some free app that claims to work under 32 bit. Any suggestions gratefully appreciated to save the wailing!



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