RAID 5 array is broken

May 24, 2009
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I've successfully shot myself in the foot. About a week ago, I was working on my RAID 5 array, screwing with the partitions. I had some unpartitioned space and a blank partition that were taking up quite a bit of usable space. Naturally, I wiped the blank partition and added all of that space to my pathetically small Windows partition on my server. I did this in Debian Linux (I know, i'm on "Windows 7 forums" :D ) and was able to run that OS for a short time before needing to boot into Windows. I rebooted, Grub loaded fine and I selected Windows. It was missing a few things and wouldn't boot. Neither would my Debian kernel, as it was missing some sort of lib and panicked.

I figured "great..." and dropped in a handy Linux live CD thinking that I can just drop in the missing files from another Windows install and I'd be fine. Well, it couldn't mount my RAID array. Shortly afterwards, when I tried to boot off of the array again, not even Grub loaded. I just got the plain "cursor of death."

Does anyone know of anything that I can use to rebuild my RAID array, as I'm a total noob with RAID?

If it helps, I have 8 drives in the array. Half of the data is in the EXT3 file system, the other half NTFS. My RAID card is an Adaptec PCI-X SCSI Raid controller 39168.


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