Sudden crash, failed to run CHKDSK, RAID to the rescue????

Feb 25, 2010
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I think I'm sitting on a tinder box as my pc suddenly crashed. When it restarted it tried to run CHKDSK which didn't complete. It then tried to run start up repair which also didn't look like it worked in that it didn't restart. After a bit of trying eventually the machine restarted. Firstly i am taking a new system image of my c drive and backing all my data up again onto an external harddrive. Things are running extremely slowly so I suspect i haven't got long!!!!

Once this is done I'll run some diagnostics on the HD. However my question is that my C drive is setup as a RAID 1 configuration (Dell Vostro Factory setup). Isn't that meant to mean I have 2 identical copies of my C drive so if one fails i can switch to the other one? Question is how do I do this. Assuming one of the RAID drives is about to fail can someone explain the steps to switch over to the good drive and presumably I can replace the bad drive with a new one and rebuild the RAID?

Thanks for any advice


Bit more info. Tried to run WD Datalifeguard which failed. Then tried using Seagate Tools for DOS so I could actually test the 2 discs separately. One passed the other crashed the pc after 30% of basic test and 2% of long test. So i guess that's conclusive that one disc is trash

Machine is running but unclear to me what to do next as know nothing about hardware.
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