Problem With Winload.exe

Oct 28, 2020
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Hey Guys!

This is my first time in this forum!

So I have a pretty bad pc and it basically cant run anything properly without crashing or lagging or freezing....

So I was play NFS Porsche Unleashed(best nfs ever created) and the game froze (which is common on my crap pc)

so i pressed my restart button on my pc case

and when it restarted it showed me a error saying that my winload.exe file is either missing or corrupted

so i restarted again and kept pressing F8 but nothing would show up and it would take me back to the same error....

so continued and did the memory diagnostics tool on extended, cache on, and pass 99....

then it showed me that i had hardware problems and i needed to contact my computer manufacturer.

so if you guys could help me that would be really helpful because i just did a reinstall of windows 7 recently and my dad would be pretty mad if he saw that i did something again...


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