Problem with Win 7

Oct 10, 2019
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Hi, I would like to ask the honored, experienced colleagues for help.
I have a Lenovo Ideacentre B520 computer. I have been very satisfied with this computer for several years. By upgrading to win 10, he was super, absolutely quiet, with a touch screen and maximally suited me. I do not play on the computer, I use it only for work and communication. When I bought it I had Windows 7 SK Home Premium installed. After the purchase, I increased the memory to 8GB RAM and replaced the original 512GB disk, I put this one and bought 2TB, to this disk I transferred through Acronis whole original disk with the system. When I tuned the whole computer to a new 2TB disk, divided the disk into 2 partitions, C-system and F-data, to install all the necessary programs, I wanted to back up the tuned system in case I ever need it in the future disk crashed system.
So I bought a brand new identical disk and Axagon cloning station: ADSA-ST USB 3.0 dual HDD dock, and made a disk clone.
After a year or so when I was still offered to upgrade win7 to win10, because win 7 will no longer have support, I did this / HDD raw copy /.
Unfortunately it was my fatal mistake, because after about half a year, and several auto updates win 10 I gradually stopped working on my computer peripherals, first left bluetooth, I bought a wired mouse and keyboard, then started to troubleshoot the graphics card, from time to time time I was struggling with the graphical interface, which I had to work back to work and finally the sound went off. The worst mistake was that counting irregularly once in a while begins to close, which I can not interrupt and the whole, work at that time erases me and this is a fundamental mistake. Nor did the advice of the baller help turn off the power button function, which I thought for a moment was the mistake, until the next shutdown.

But I have to say that all, these problems arose after some time after several Win 10 auto updates.
When I wrote to a Lenovo computer manufacturer and wrote to various Lenovo forums, I always learned that this computer no longer has support for Windows 10.
So I want to go back to Windows 7, so I removed the Windows 10 disc from my computer and inserted the original Windows 7 disc. administrator. When I choose myself or others, the same situation always happens, the computer pretends to open the user interface, then reboots and so it goes around. The7 Safe mode can run without any problems, and in Windows 7 Safe mode it works.

I tried to contact Microsoft Technical Support for help. After several phone calls to the technical support, where the girls who picked up the phone had no idea about Windows, and were bigger lamas than me, all they could tell me to buy a new computer and from them windows 10, after several attempts to call Windows support eventually picked up a person from whom I learned that Microsoft insures that under one Products key do not go two systems, it is a protective measure of Microsoft. The inability to log in to WIN 7 is also with the 512GB I had first on the PC when I bought the PC. When I explained to him my situation, and in no way do I want to illegally use 2 windows per 1 product key and asked that I need to go back to Windows 7, where everything works on my computer to make my original backup disk work, so they told me that they can allow me with the original product key WIN7, but only a new, clean installation of Win7, so the original laborious, tuned system and programs I erase, my long hours of debugging my computer will be in no way what I don't want.
I have no problem buying a legal product key, but I would need the original disk with WIN 7, to work as before and I could work undisturbed again and, if necessary, I would like to buy it.

Doesn't someone advise you how and what to do in Windows 7 to start normally and not just in safe mode?

I would need the help of an experienced expert who would take over an older /55r./ colleague and who would be able to rewrite something on my system so that the win7 disk would run in normal mode, or use some utility, patches, . Thank you Jan /Slovakia/

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