My G72GX Laptop Freezing up

Jul 20, 2011
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I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260M in my laptop, and lately my laptop has been freezing everyday, and now all it does it freeze for bout 30 seconds and it unfreezes, Ive tried everything to find out why it does it, after it unfreezes i went to event viewer and i saw a bunch of these errors here:

After doing several things, like updating both the bios and the graphics drivers and other stuff, i still get freezes at least twice a day or more, only at times when it freezes i would get this error here to:

and i updated the graphics drivers so i dont no what else to do, if anyone has a solution please help me cause iam all out of ideas

Thank You

oh and by the way: ive been to the graphic driver forums and they didnt help, so please this forums are my last hope please help asap

also this one just popped for me today wonder if this had anything to do with it:

and it does freeze even when these dont pop up PLEASE HELP ASAP


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May 10, 2010
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All of your picture links are shortened "..." and do not work. It would be better if you simply click the "Go Advanced" button and then use the paperclip icon to attach your pics to the forum directly.

Unfortunately freezing problems can be very complex. Actual BSODs with minidumps give much better pointers to a problem so if you get that post the dumps.

Out-dated Driver issues are very common; you seem to have ruled those out.

Anti-virus software is a common issue. Turning it off won't help but you can completely uninstall it and see if the issue persists; if it does then at least you ruled it out and can reinstall.

Sometimes setting the Control Panel\Power Options to high Performance helps with laptops.

There is a huge thread on this subject which may offer some other thoughts HERE but please continue to post in this thread, not in that one.

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