Cannot Delete Original User Account On Win 7 Pro 64 bit Laptop


Jan 15, 2015
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I recently purchased a venerable HP 8460p that came with Win Pro 7 installed and configured for User, hp. I want to change the user name to CAG. It is my understanding that to delete hp the System Administrator needs Special Permission. I am unable to access the setting for Special Permission.

To obtain access to the Special Permissions, this is what I did;
First, I right clicked on C:Users/hp and selected Properties.\, then clicked on the Securities tab, selected CAG and clicked on the Advance button. The screen Advanced Security Systems appeared. I clicked on the Effective Permissions tab, selected User name, CAG and clicked OK.

I then clicked on the Owner tab and changed the name of C:Users/hp and clicked on the Permissions tab.

In doing so I made sure for the object name A:/Users/hp that CAG had full control applied to all sub folders and files, inherited from parent was off and clicked on OK.

I went back to the Security screen, selected CAG and clicked on Edit. I tried to check the Special Permisssions option but it was still not accessible.

What do I nee to do to obtain permission t0 delete C:Users/hp?



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May 10, 2010
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Install Take Ownership and then run the script on users/HP (right-click in windows explorer and choose Take Ownership).

That may help but you will likely still run into issues with using the new login unless you change every reference in the registry from users\hp to users\cag. It would be better to just add a new admin CAG & then delete HP


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