laptop wont boot from hard disk or win install dvd

Mar 11, 2011
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Bluetooth stopped working on my Fujitsu Esprimo U9210 The bluetooth hardware is was visible in device manager anymore, but unrecognized device appeared. Driver reinstall did not help. Driver installation setup says there is no bluetooth hardware.
PC Suite is installed , worked fine before.

Eventually laptop stopped booting from hard disk and win 7or Vista install DVD (displaying only starting windows).
I could access BIOS setup and I can boot only some DOS emergency boot CD allowing me to copy or erase whole disc, but I couldn't reinstall OS.
Laptop was sent to service and had motherboard and bluetooth replaced.
Came back yesterday had win 7 installed. Everything was fine till I installed Nokia Ovi and tried to use Bluetooth. Then the same hapenned - first USB unknown device than no boot at all. I am desperate - I dont believe this is hardware (2 mobos?) but I can't access the machine at all. If this was software it should boot from Win 7 DVD - but it hangs displaying 'starting windows'. And again I can access BIOS setup and I can boot only DOS emergency boot CD I dont't know how to reinstall OS. Please help!


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