Apr 17, 2020
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I know this has been a curse for many users for years. But, until a couple of weeks ago I didn't have this problem. I have had a Acer with windows seven for about 10 years. It's been perfect. Likewise my wife's Dell that she has had about the same length of time. I tried windows 10 in the ACER when it was free. Didn't like it, and uninstalled it. A couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted a back up computer, but didn't want one with windows 10. So..even though I know Microsoft have stopped supporting windows 7, I took the plunge and bought a secondhand reconditioned DELL INSPIRON with windows 7.

It's perfect, except for one problem. The cursor keeps on jumping about when I'm typing. I tried everything to cure this. Changed all the mouse settings. Followed all the suggestions on the internet. All to no avail. Didn't make any difference if I was using the touch pad- which I hate- or external mouse. Tried disabling the touch pad, but found that no matter what I did, the damned thing wouldn't disable.

I know that some people have reported that the fault can happen if you touch the touch pad, but I knew I wasn't touching the pad. But what I did notice was that as long as I kept well above the touch pad, I had no problem. So I just covered the touch pad with a sheet of paper. Problem solved. I can only conclude that the touch pad was picking up static from my hand. What I have now done is stick a thick sheet of card over the touch pad. Has anyone else found this solution I wonder?

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