Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver stops Autoplay working

Jan 12, 2015
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I have a problem with Autoplay not working on a DVD drive which I have traced to the installation of the Intel Rapid Storage driver.

This is on a new build computer (Asus Hero VIII) and the driver was installed from the motherboard support DVD.

When the installation of the drivers was started autoplay worked OK when the support DVD was inserted.

After that autoplay would not work.

After a lot of testing I discovered that it was the Intel rapid Storage drivers that were installed from the DVD that caused the problem.

When they were removed autoplay works OK.
When they are re-installed autoplay stops working again.


What is Intel Rapid Storage drivers used for ?

I have the following drives on my system:-

1. Samsung SM951 M2 AHCI 256GByte drive for Windows 7 Pro 64bit OS
2. SanDisk 256 GByte SSD
3. 2 off 2, TByte Seagate HD's
4. 2 off, Asus DRW-24F1MT DVD Re-writers.

I do not use RAID.

Do I need Intel Rapid Storage installed ?



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