connecting sensor over I2C on Intel's BayTrail board with Windows 7

Jun 6, 2015
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I am using Intel's embedded device (BayTrail) and I have Windows 7 installed on it. I am connecting sensor on the I2C interface.

I am writing an application to connect to that sensor and perform some tests.

This is what I am trying to do:

For the I2C interface on the BayTrail board, we are trying to develop a code which will help identify the COM interface and thus detect the device. Here we can see that we are able to reach to the REG-Key in the hierarchy data, but CreateFile() fails to open the device id. It gives the error #2 (File not Found).

Please find the attachments of Registry entry in Windows on Baytrail Machine in I2C_RegEntry.png and Output of LocalPortI2cTestApp in Output.png file.

Appreciated for your help here.

-prajose john


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