How successful is factory reset on older machine?

Oct 7, 2017
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Hello, I have a 2009 HP G71 Notebook, T6600, Windows 7 Home Premium. I made it immediately into a desktop with monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse and peripherals. I have kept most everything I can on external HD's through the years and kept my backups in good stead. I decided to to take it to a factory reset. It came right back up and excepted my monitor and all my peripherals. It does say I am missing some applications to run some programs. Main one, I am missing Windows SP1. OEM Internet Explorer will not work any longer and can not download Mozilla Firefox. It did come back up with Google Chrome and that is working fine for surfacing the internet, etc. I understand they are not sending updates for Windows 7 any longer. My question: Can I purchase the missing Windows 7 applications I need? Is that a good idea to do so? Can I upgrade to Windows 10 successfully with what I have? Is that a good idea to do so? It has a CD drive but I have not tried to load any of my past programs; printer CD, camera CD, a Paint Shop Pro CD, Adobe Photoshop, etc. I did make Windows 7 Recovery Disks 1,2,&3 in 2009. I have not used them as yet. Wanted to touch bases. Trying to maintain this machine if I can as I will have to buy a CD drive with a new laptop. Please let me know the upside and downside of this factory reset. Thank you for all the good information you give here! <3 :)
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