Hallo! I do not have a virus but is really slow

Sep 12, 2014
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I went and Troubleshooter is prescribed "diagnostics policy service is not running".

And I took the "mincrasoft fix it" and it also did not help I've checked for viruses and have turned on the: comdofix rkill adwcleaner. And it still does not work !!

And I do not know what to do !!!

Help please



Mar 1, 2012
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I don't often use those tools, as they are more for a specific task.

I would suggest that you run the following:

    1. Download and run TDSSKiller.
      1. Accept the "End User License Agreement"
      2. Accept the "KSN Statement"
      3. Select "Change Parameters" and Select:
        • Verify file digital signatures
        • Detect TDLFS file system
        • Use KSN to scan objects
      4. When the scan is complete the log file is in C:\ It will have a name like "TDSSKiller."
    2. Install Malwarebytes (Free Version)
      1. Select "Threat Scan"
      2. When it is completed, please upload the log file from: C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\Logs
    3. Please download and run Windows Defender Offline.
      1. Click "Next"
      2. Click "I Accept"
      3. Select Either: (Typically it is either CD/DVD or USB)
        • CD or DVD
        • USB
        • ISO file
      4. Cllick "Next"
      5. It will create a CD / DVD / USB and will boot and scan your hard drive offline.
    4. Download hwInfo and run it.
      • Click on "Save Report"
      • Make sure the Export Format is HTML
      • Click "Browse" and select your "Desktop"
      • Give the file a name like MyComputer or your Forum username.
      • Click on Save
      • Click on "Next".
      • Click on "Finish"
      • Put the newly created MyComputer.html (Or what ever you decided to call it) in to a zip file and upload it to the forum.

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