How to get rid of most viruses.

Aug 14, 2015
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Hey! This is a short guide on how to remove any viruses you may have on your laptop/computer.

Note: This is a tutorial, I'm not asking for any help. It would be logical for me to write Tutorial in the total, but I'm unable to find out how.

1. It would be reasonable to boot into safe mode while you are trying to remove any viruses. (To do this, restart your computer or force shut down by holding the power key and switching it on again. On the driver screen or the 'beginning' screen, press F8 repeatedly and select safe mode with networking. Safe mode opens the minimum drivers needed, and most of the time the virus will not load.
2. If it is a file that is delete-able then delete it and clear the rubbish bin.
3. Then, go onto the internet and download Malware Bytes, this will get rid of any malware that you have on the computer. Do a full scan, this might take a while but it will eliminate most/all malware on your computer. Once done, restart your computer. If you are unable to download it because of the virus blocking it, go on another computer and download malware bytes chameleon. Put it on a USB and download it on to the infected computer, it will download Malware bytes and do a scan.
3. Boot back in-to safe mode with networking and go on the internet again. To remove any Adware, go on the internet and download ADWCleaner from bleeping computer. Do a scan and click remove, then restart.
3. Boot back into safe mode with networking and download Microsoft Essentials from Microsoft. Download it, update and do a full scan. Then remove all viruses and restart.
4. Go back into safe mode with networking and download a program called Super Antispyware and download the free version. You could just do a quick scan, but a full scan is highly recommended. Then remove any spyware found (if any) and restart.
5. It would be good to install an anti-keylogger and download it from a trusted website, just in-case a RAT is installed.

This should make some/most/all viruses gone and you should be safe to boot into normal windows.

If the virus/viruses still hasn't gone or is affecting your computer to the point it is un-usable them you should take it to a computer expert.
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Oct 31, 2016
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Hi, to get rid of most viruses, you need the help of an effective malware removal tool. Like Malwarebytes, Plumbytes, TDSSKiller, or SuperAntiSpyware these powerful antivirus/anti-malware prigrams can quickly detect and remove virus, malware, spyware, Trojans and provide a real-time protection to your PC.

If you want to try the manual ways to remove virus or malware, the common steps are listed below:

STEP1. Reboot your PC in safe Mode.

STEP2. End any unwanted processes in Task Manager.

STEP3. Uninstall any suspicious programs from Control Panel.

STEP4. Remove any malicious extensions, add-ons and plug-ins from web browsers.

STEP5. Delete junk files and foldes.

STEP6. Clean corrupted registry entries in Registry Editor.

STEP7. Remove malicious homepage and search engine from web brwosers.

STEP8. Reset web browsers to default settings.

Of course, in addition to learn the ways to remove malware or viruses, you still need to master some tips to protect your PC from malware infections in the future.

Warm tips:

Malware is often bundled with freeware, spam emails, suspicious links, etc. When downloading free software, you should download from official website or reliable sites. When installing the free software, read the EULA carefully and always select Advanced or Custom installation. Do not accept to install any additional or recommended software before clicking the Next button. Besides, do not open any unknown emails from unknown people. When surfing the internet, never click a dubious link or visit any malicious websites.

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