Fresh install of windows 7/10 after upgrading to 10

Dec 2, 2014
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Hi everyone.
I upgraded to windows 10 from 7 when Microsoft made it available. Im not entirely happy with it, been increasingly getting a lot of error messages, blue screens, system running unusually warm.

I want to wipe the hard drive and put a fresh installation of windows on it. My original key is for windows 7.

Can i use this key with a fresh install of windows 10, or should i use windows 7 ?.
If i put windows 7 back on it, will i be forced to upgrade to windows 10 ?.

Thanks :)
Mar 6, 2016
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First I would like to know if its a Custom built desktop/Branded Desktop or Laptop that you have. Before you upgrade/clean install Windows 10 on the computer, i would suggest that you check on the manufacturer's site for Windows 10 drivers. If they have drivers available for Windows 10, you can go ahead and install Windows 10. The reason i am saying this is because, if they do not have drivers for Windows 10 OS, you would face issues like blue screens etc.

Answering your 2nd question, yes you can perform clean install of Windows 10.
If you choose to install Windows 7, yes, by default you would get the option to upgrade to Windows 10. However, you can always disable the upgrade and stay with Windows 7.

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