Cannot format a DVD+R

Discussion in 'alt.windows7.general' started by Buffalo, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Buffalo

    Nil Guest

    Are you burning the disk using Live File System (UDF) format? If so,
    you should read the help entry about that, including this bit:

    "Before you can use a recordable disc (such as CD-R, DVD-R, or DVD+R)
    formatted with the Live File System format in other computers and
    devices, you need to close the current disc session to prepare the disc
    for use. By default, Windows closes your disc automatically when it is
    Nil, Aug 26, 2010
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  2. It is not a matter of being "brain dead," it is the manner of operation.
    Windows Backup is an incremental backup that updates the last backup
    rather than create a new file each time. To do that, it must be able to
    edit the backup file, a read write operation.
    Dave \Crash\ Dummy, Aug 26, 2010
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  3. Buffalo

    Char Jackson Guest

    That's fine, but my point was that if it's limited to making that type
    of backup, and only that type of backup, then its value is greatly
    diminished, nearly to the point of being worthless as a backup
    solution. Maybe I'm just spoiled by 6-7 years of Acronis True Image.
    Char Jackson, Aug 26, 2010
  4. Buffalo

    Buffalo Guest

    Thank you. I finally did find (in the Help section) that non RW DVDs cannot
    be used during the Windows Backup process.
    PS: I am still unable to burn a DVD on this laptop.
    Buffalo, Aug 26, 2010
  5. Buffalo

    johnbee Guest

    < Thank you. I finally did find (in the Help section) that non RW DVDs
    < be used during the Windows Backup process.
    < Buffalo4
    < PS: I am still unable to burn a DVD on this laptop.

    PC backup has always been dodgy even since pre windows days. However my PC
    has been running backup since February, to a DVD-R - I have just recently
    had to replace it with another DVD-R disk. It does actually work as well,
    because I have done a couple of test recoveries on individual files. I
    don't back much up though - only documents.

    When I put the second disk in it told me that it needed formatting, but it
    all seemed to go OK. As a matter of interest it seems to me that backing up
    to an RW is exactly what I would not want to do, since I want backups to be
    as permanent as possible.
    johnbee, Aug 26, 2010
  6. Buffalo

    Buffalo Guest

    Thanks for the replay and the link.

    This burner takes both. I don't know if it is a software problem or a
    hardware problem, but this damn laptop will not 'close' out the damn disc
    and then it just makes the disc unusable. I've looked in options and I can't
    find out how to make sure it closes the disc upon burning. It should not be
    this difficult. Could it be the DVD burner itself?

    I tried just copying a DVD, just burning data, and just burning pictures,
    and the dreaded Backup. The disc gets burned (can see the color change on
    the disc, but it seems as it does not get 'closed'.

    I will just tell my friend to take this damn laptop back to Office Depot. If
    that doesn't work, I will have her call HP help. LOL.
    (She doesn't even know how to make a folder, so it should be fun for the HP
    help people. :)
    I'm very tired of wasting my DVD's on this new Windows system laptop. I have
    no problems on my Win98SE or my Win2000Pro.
    Buffalo, Aug 29, 2010
  7. Buffalo

    Buffalo Guest

    They couldn't get it to burn properly at Office Depot either. They took the
    laptop back and she is either going to get a replacement or pay more for a
    higher power laptop.
    Thanks for all the replies.
    PS: Whew, I thought it might have been operator failure. :)
    Buffalo, Sep 6, 2010
  8. Buffalo

    Nil Guest

    I always hate to be defeated by a machine, and I'll sometimes bang away
    at them way longer than I should, just hoping to get some satisfaction.
    But sometimes you just have to give up on it just to stop wasting your
    time and patience. I think you did the right thing.

    It doesn't take a whole lot of horsepower to burn an optical disk. Not
    that you should take the opportunity to get a better computer, but I
    doubt that lack of horsepower was the problem with the old one.
    Nil, Sep 6, 2010
  9. Buffalo

    Buffalo Guest

    I agree. The one she had was powerful enough for her and the Celeron uses
    less power so the battery lasts longer.
    Buffalo, Sep 6, 2010
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