Program cannot load dll from c:\temp folder

Jun 26, 2017
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Hi All

I have a program that i am trying to install on a Windows 7 sp1 workstation but everytime i try to install the program the message comes up: Setup was unable to load the following DLL C:\temp\{480FDC01-A4E9-4AD5-AEF7-8BAD05631D45}\MXLICRES.DLL

I have checked that the user account i am installing on is an Administrator, i have checked all user rights and permissions on the temp folder and all have full control. I have disabled the Anti Virus for the install as well. The inhouse IT people have assured me that the user account is a built in admin account, they have advised me that they have done windows cleanup and disk cleanups and such things.

The strange thing is - these files install on other computers with no problem but this particular workstation gives the above error.
My thinking is that there is something on this machine that is blocking access to the temp folder but i am a mere supplier of the software - i am not the inhouse IT.

Am i correct in saying that this is a PC problem? Would a simple relocation of the temp folder solve this issue or not?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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