Cannot Create Any File

Jun 17, 2017
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OK, I'll try to describe the issue as best as possible, here it is:

I first notice I could not create a file in C:\temp
This is just a junk directory, nothing special. When I try to create a file there, it just says: access denied.

I am the administrator on that machine. The machine in question had Windows 7 as delivered by the company I bought it from (second hand). It was a clean Windows 7 install, no issue.
It also upgraded to Windows 10 at some point, but I re-installed Windows 7.

It was running fine, until recently I installed some C compiler software. Now I noticed I couldn't write files in a simple directory like C:\temp (which I created myself). I couldn't delete that directory, because some files in it, I couldn't delete either.

I did some CHKDSK, SFC and similar commands, also TAKEOWN and such, but it doesn't really help. But ... at some point it just returns action normal. I couldn't conclude after which exact action, but to no avail since the issue just came back.

Also, some EXE's are suddenly not executable. They also state : Access Denied, when you try to run them. I could get them back from another source, and it initially seems to work, but then some or another file has the same issue: they cannot be run. It seems like they change to that situation when you try to run them.

I found that by means of the way TAKEOWN reacts to files; it does'nt work on these file he first already states he can't run, but for the other files he states : re-owning to my user. But, on repeat he just says the same.

But the weird thing is that I just can't write any files! And, the system seems to work normal sill, although I just run a browser, and not much more.

Now, I also have a D: drive, and it is stating the same behaviour. This same scenario happens on C: and D:

I can create a new directory, but when you want to write a file in it, it says : Access Denied

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