back up recovery problem

Jan 29, 2011
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dear sir,
1)i m narrating in detail.actually i tried to install windows 7 ultimate32 bit . after 1 min. it showed that my graphix software will not work after installing i cancelled installing it
after that when i restarted my laptop. the os didnt load.there was problem in i had to reinstall windows 7 on other drive so that i can reach to my harddisk to transfer my data from harddisk to external harddisk. .my C drive got dissapeared. after that i got that drive from disk manager.there it showed this drive is unallocated.
so i format all drive except the drive where i installed os . after that when i tried to take backup it showed error as 0*400110020000100a
i didnt do anythig to harddisk. my harddisk is working fine.please do respond sir &give me some that i can restore my backup...

2)when i start my laptop, before installing windows it shows media test failure. check cable. wat is it?. my harddisk ,ram audio is working fine..

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