your new update for windows 7

Feb 4, 2017
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hello there i have downloaded your new windows 7 update and it has deleted all my drivers all my stuff on my laptop and it has just %$&# my laptop up so i need to buy a new laptop. so %$&# thanks to your update i need to buy a new computer so please can you get this fixed
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May 10, 2010
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This site is not run by Microsoft and is not monitored by them so your message will not get to your intended target. And if you wish to post here then keep your posts PG; I have edited your original post to make it acceptable.

But anyway, drivers do not get removed, newer ones are simply added. If an update caused problems with your drivers then boot to safe mode & restore your computer to before the update (use W7 search for "system restore") or you can use device manager & locate the specific driver(s) and click "rollback driver".

Then you will need to go to the updates settings & tell it to hide any that are wrong for your computer (so they aren't reinstalled) or better yet, simply recommend you uncheck "treat recommended updates the same as critical updates". All drivers come in as recommended so they will no longer get installed. Of course this means you would need to update your drivers manually if you want them updated.

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