"You need to Format the Disk" Error after using USMT through an Esata Cable

Jul 26, 2012
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My company is migrating to Win 7. We are using USMT to capture the user state on Lacie powered drives, putting on our Windows 7 image, then restoring the user capture. However the other day I was at a laptop with an Esata port so I used it over the usb port. Then when I tried to boot from the drive and mount the image it said "No OS on the drive" so I went back into windows looked at the drive to make sure it was still functioning and it was, all the user data was their. So I put it to the side, dropped on the image from another drive (wipe and load method) but when I went to restore the from the first drive "You need to Format the Disk to use it" appeared. and it appears on every computer in plug it into.

This also happened to another tech who happened to try Esata instead of USB. This is a nightmare that could cost me my job if I don't get it figured out. I'm currently running Ease US data recovery wizard, which found some 9,500 files on the drive but it's going to take 22 hours to finish. And I think it has a simple fix I'm not seeing. I think the Esata some how made the drive specific to that laptop at the time.

Any and all suggestions or answers are greatly appreciated.


Aug 6, 2012
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Hello Mruney,

It looks like the specified system port is damaged and needs replacement. Try to replace the port or uninstall and install the port driver again. Thereafter, See if the drive starts to work again or not.

Moreover, Instead of EASEUS you can use Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Pro, which is quite fast in efficiently scanning and recovering the lost or deleted files from hard drive and various other storage devices.


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