Need help moving personal folders in start menu to data partition

Aug 15, 2018
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I'm not sure if this is the right category, but I could really use someone who could baby-step me through the steps to moving my personal folders(documents, pictures, videos, etc) to a data partition that I made for that purpose. If I got the wrong category, sorry. If you could direct me to the right area, I'd really appreciate it.

I don't know exactly what I did wrong. I need 2 usernames, and when I tried it for the first user (my husband) with some sample files, it moved over, but instead of having a "documents" or "My Documents", it changed the name of my first user, Panga to "My Documents"
it also changed the letter of my drive. Originally, the Data partition was "X", but it changed it to Data (E). Is this normal and did I do something wrong or stupid? I used "v. laurie's tip on

Here were the instructions.
Open the Start menu and click your user name to open the User folder
1. Right-click the personal folder you want to redirect to another location.
2. Select “Properties”
3. Click the tab “Location”
4. The dialog box shown below will open
5. Click the button “Move”
6. An Explorer dialog “Select a destination” will open
7. Browse to the location where you want to redirect this folder. You can select another location on this computer, another drive attached to this computer, or another computer on the network
8. Click the folder where you want to store the files (not the root of a drive)
9. Click the button “Select Folder”
10. Click “OK”
11. In the dialog that appears, click “Yes” to move all the files to the new location.

Are these instructions even right?

And that's when it happened. When I went to check, just the "Documents". I didn't put anything else", it said not "Panga" but "My Documents".

Did I do it wrong? Did I do something dumb? Did I miss a step? I've never done it before, so I panicked, and luckily I set a restore point and went back to the way I had it. The folder still stayed that way on the Data Partition, which was now E. I cleared it out, and changed the name back to "Panga" which might not have been my brightest move.
I really need someone to guide me through the steps so this doesn't happen again. I'm really getting frustrated. Things were going so well up to then.

Do I need to delete the partition and start again? I have:
An HP Compaq 6000 Pro running Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. I have a core 2 Duo processor e8400 running at 3 GHz. 8 GB of RAM, a 2 TB hard drive (mechanical, not SSD)
onboard graphics with the motherboard, which is Hewlett-Packard 3048h (XU1 PROCESSOR), and a Dell CRT monitor if that helps. My Data Partition is 878 GB, and 905 GB on my C/: Partition.

So if anyone can help me, I'd really appreciate it because I'm scared I'll do something wrong and break Windows or my hard drive. I need a 1-2-3 step or A-B-C type of thing in order.

I saw a post from PC World on how to do this, (The URL is at: and I'm not sure which is right because there are umpteen different steps to take and do you add folders inside the username folders on the partition or how exactly are you supposed to do it that is the easiest and the least aggravating and waste of my time so I have to start over. I need to be able to access the folders from the start menu. So please help. Feeling a loss of confidence here. Is it even advisable so when I back up it only backs up our files, not the system files which is what happened the first time I used Window Vista's backup program? :(

Any help would be extremely helpful.
Thank you for your time.
Sincerely yours,
Katherine Logan AKA "Maghdalena"

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