I need to reinstate Excel 2007 (Excell 2016 keeps bumping it out)


Mar 5, 2018
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I want to continue working under Excel 2007, even though it is no longer supported

Excel 2016 keeps automatically taking over, replacing 2007 (but Word 2007 still works). This first happened three days ago. I reinstalled Excel 2007 from my disk. But Excel 2016 SOMEHOW (!!??) keeps replacing Excel 2007 as the default spreadsheet program, and there is no way to even Open-With Excel 2007.

I have not activated any Office 2016 programs, and have no intention of doing so or paying for them. (And so far, Word 2007 is still running OK as my default word processor.)

I have three questions? (1) How can I prevent this automatic Excel substitution from occurring again? And (2) Excel 2007 still runs from a desktop icon I have for it, but a spreadsheet it am trying to open from it does not appear in the file list. I created it with Excel 2007, but it apparently can now be opened only in Excel 2016. How can I regain this work so that I can continue adding to it in Excel 2007.

I have work I must get done right now. I am now out of town and don't have access to my Excel 2007 CD disk. What a mess!! For a second time in a week I am locked out of my own in-progress work.

Thanks in advance for your help. (Sorry if my frustration shows through in the above.)


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May 10, 2010
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If you have a file/files in Excel 2016 you will need to open it/them using Excel 2016 & then "save as" choosing to save the file(s) as Excel 2007. Then set the .xls etc file extensions to open with the excel 2007 executable.

Personally I would go to Installed programs & uninstall office 2016 (or at least the excel piece) if you are never going to use it again and you have confirmed your spreadsheets are fixed/saved to the old format.

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