XBOX 360 Internet Connection Sharing problem

Nov 3, 2009
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I recently got an xbox and found a video on youtube that showed me how to connect my xbox via ethernet to my PC which was connected to my home wireless which worked perfectly after using the ICS.

This is what i did to get the connection...

Network sharing centre - made my wireless network private/home group

then went to change adapter settings - on my wireless i went to the sharing tab in properties checked both boxes and then went on to settings checked 3 boxes;

FTP server
Secure Web Server
Web Server (http)

after doing this i enabled my LAN the first time i did this the IPv4 settings on the LAN were already set..however i took my PC to work for use and connected to the internet using the Ethernet adapter and to get a connection i had to set the IPv4 settings to obtain automatically to get a connection.

Then when i came home and connected my x box back up i un clicked the automatic address check on the IPv4 and the address settings weren't there...

I've tried using a host of different IP configurations and settings provided by my router company but i can't get the WAN to share its internet connection with my LAN...

I hope the description of my processes enables anyone to help me it would be greatly appreciated!



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