WMC: Scanning cable channels from unknown station?

May 3, 2011
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I've run into a bit of a problem with a Q-cam compatible TV Tuner.

I'm trying to setup WMC to watch Live TV in my mother's hospital room. I've hooked my USB TV Tuner to the cable jack and everything otherwise works fine. Problem is, when I try to scan for channels, it comes up empty. They must be using some custom cable provider because none of the local stations (both cable & dish) offer their limited lineup of just 22 channels (some local, some cable networks, nothing high-end).

When I run the Channel Scan for "cable" ("satellite" is not an option), it first asks for the zip code and it asks me to select a provider from a short list of 5 providers in the area. I tried them all and none of them work. I also tried the "Terrestrial Stations" option which also failed.) Ditto for trying to use the cable as an Antenna.

Is there any way to get WMC to scan for cable stations without knowing the provider? I know the tuner works, just not at the hospital.

Any ideas? Thx.

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