WLM sync problem or NTFS problem? - disappearing messages


Roland Schweiger

Using Win7 64bit (ultimate) and
Windows Live Mail 2011 - latest release build 15.4.3538.0513

I have numerous eMail accounts (11 in total) and a reasonable amount
of subfolders in the local store.
Two of my accounts are windows live, the other eMail accounts are
simple old pop3 / smtp ones.

The following just happened to me.
With one of my pop3/smtp accounts, i wrote an eMail to someone, an
hour later i received a reply - a plain text message only 7 kB big.
I saw the reply message in my "all inbox" folder but did not read it,
instead i shutdown and restarted the computer because i had problems
with my bluetooth dongle and mobile phone.
The shutdown process showed no problems - on restart, and reopening
WLM, the reply message DISAPPEARED.
It simply was gone and neither showed up in the "all inbox" nor in the
inbox of the appropriate pop3 account.

Since i knew that i had received a reply, i went to my user store
folder - in my case

c:\Benutzer\Roland which is a fork to

c:\users\Roland and further to

C:\Users\Roland\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\roland_schw

which apparantly is the inbox folder of the pop3 account and here the
reply message lies as an .eml file.
Trying to open the file yields to an WLM error that the file either
does not exist or is in use.
So i opened the file with the plain text editor and was able to read
the message.

So far so good, but can someone tell me why such indexing problems
still occur?
It definately is better than in the old outlookExpress days, but still
i do not really understand why such things still happen ---
i leave the message untouched and want to see if in a few hours due to
some re-indexing, it re-appears.

Does anyone have similar experience?
Is this rather an NTFS or WLM problem?

greetings from Vienna

Roland Schweiger

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