Windows Media Center - TV questions.

Oct 9, 2012
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Hi all...New to computers and forums (such as this). Hope I'm in right place. If not, please tell me where to go (like everyone else does!)

Have the Avertv tuner plugged into my Toshiba Satellite C655, with Win7 and by and large, everything is working great. I would have thought that if I minimized the TV screen I could go on my way surfing various web pages and the TV (live tv) would stay with me. But it only lasts as long as I'm on the desktop or Google homepage. Is this the norm or can I change some setting?

Also, am noticing just lately, the guide is taking an extremely long amount of time to load; up to a minute or so. Any ideas on this?

Thanks in advance,




^ The World's First ^
May 10, 2010
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No it's not normal, as long as your media center is open it should stay active; I minimize just fine and still hear the TV programming in the background. Opening a browser is a separate application and should have no effect on the media center TV. What is used to supply the signal to your tuner? If it is broadcast, it is very easy to loose that signal.

As for the guide, it always seems slow to me but the fact is the more channels you have and the less often you update it, the more data it has to fetch when it finally does go looking. If you leave your computer on it can be scheduled to download automatically.

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