Windows Media Center-Cannot Stop Recording

Jan 2, 2010
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Now I see what my Windows Media Center (WMC) problem is.
I think many people have reported related problems, that is video freezing, Low Bit Rate errors,... .

It is always recording the TV Tuner (KWorld U315 USB Tuner) video feed.
I don't want every Live TV show I watch to be recorded!!.

When I hover the cursor over WMC:
- Controls show: [](Stop); <<(Fast Rev); ||(Pause)/>(Play);>>(Fast Fwd); Spr; -;+;
- a 1 hour time bar above controls (e.g., 8:00 =======----------------- 9:00 )
- a time location above the time bar (e.g., 8:25:45)
- a clock in the upper right hand corner
- a Back Arrow and Win Logo in upper left hand corner.

When I click on <<(Fast Rev), the video runs backwards.

When starting WMC:
- it has most options slightly grayed out,
- the "TV" option is enhanced (brighter),
- when I move the cursor over WMC, the controls (detailed above) show up,
- I click on "live TV", which moves "live TV" to the left and enhances it,
- WMC then goes to the TV channel selected the last time it was shut down,

It apparently begins recording immediately, as the <<(Fast Rev) is operational back to the point that the "live TV" began.

In the "Tasks-Setting" -> TV -> Recorder, I have "Cleared Recording Schedule".

If I select TV-Recorded TV, it says "No shows have been recored".
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