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Jan 2, 2011
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Wasn't sure EXACTLY where to post this I figured this would be one of the best places .. if it needs moving thats fine.

My question deals with the games that are on Windows Live Messenger (Version 2012, Build 16.4.3503.728) with specifically W7 systems.

When I "engage" in games it says (to the effect) games are saved locally and will not be transfered from on computer to another..

Which is NOT a problem .. due to the fact I only play the games on one system.. but may also want to keep my standings if i switch systems or reformat my system.

What IS a an issue .. is when I or my friends run CCleaner. it takes away the data that is saved locally(which I know CC leaner is supposed to do) and therefore erases our progress..

What I would like to find out is WHERE these "locally saved files" are stored so that can be avoided from being deleted .. and possibly backed up(so as to possibly transfer from one system to another or due to a system reformat) or avoided from being deleted by CCLeaner .. or for that matter any other file cleaning software that we may use. (CCLeaner being the "de-facto" system cleaner of choice)

I have tried a search on goggle using MANY iterations of trying to figure it out but to no positive solution as to where these files are "stored locally"

Thanks in advance for any help that could be given.


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Apr 7, 2010
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In CCleaner, under Cleaner, click on Applications and uncheck the box or boxes for your program.

If that does not work, run CCleaner, then run your game. Then run CCleaner again but this time, select Analyze instead of "Run Cleaner". When you select Analyze, CCleaner just lists the items it would clean, instead of deleting them. From there, you should be able to determine the file names and locations.

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