Windows Black Screen ... How to remove on Startup ?

May 26, 2014
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Recently my W7 pc crashed ... I did a recovery which allowed me to get my system & current desktop / apps back ... now each and every time as it boots i get a Black Screen which offers a choice between " W7 Recovery " mode and " Start W7 Normally " as it counts down fron 30 seconds b4 booting into Normal boot ...

Everything works fine but I'm wondering if I can remove this Black Screen option but still boot into Normal mode .. without losing my current desktop & apps / updates etc ... ? ... thanks ...



^ The World's First ^
May 10, 2010
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Why did your PC crash?

Generally you get the start-up options if the computer did not finish cleanly on the previous shut down. If this happens constantly it could mean hard drive problems (as in needs replaced). Have you checked the hard drive for errors? Right-click on the drive in Windows Explorer, choose Properties, Tools Tab; check the drive for errors and be sure to do a thorough scan.

If it isn't a hardware problem then It could also be a software issue, such as a virus. You can burn a bootable Windows Defender Offline CD and then boot the computer to the CD to scan for viruses.

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